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American Road Patch

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We are a national distributor of American Road Patch

American Road Patch is an adhesive that allows for easy and fast application.

Once applied with heat, this product will stay on the ground, extending the life of repairs.

This product is a great solution to gatoring and potholes. The video below shows the easy and fast application process done on the road; leaving the potholes fixed and not reoccurring. Immediately after the application of the American Road Patch traffic can resume. 

What is American Road Patch?

American Road Patch is a patented technology that uses high-strength fiberglass along with special material to keep water out and gets stronger over time, embedding into the roadway. This results in strong, durable pothole repair. 

What sets American Road Patch apart from competing products is its unique characteristics and timeless case studies. American Road Patch has a fast application process that is simple to learn and can resume traffic immediately after application. American Road Patch not only eliminates damage but also strengthens over time and is an enduring solution to potholes and gatoring. 

American Road Patch comes in a roll, 39.37 inches by 21 feet, with 25 rolls on a pallet. For a demo of ARP and information for application process call us for more information.

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